Tuesday, May 29, 2018

OST - Aigiri Nandhini, Movie: Solo

Additional Lyrics - Dhanya Suresh 
Singers - Govind, Meera 
Kids Chorus - Thaikkudam 
Mixed & Mastered By - Amith Bal 
Recording Engineer - Sai Prakash 
Recorded At - My Studio, Kochi 
Produced & Performed By - Thaikkudam Bridge 

The song describes the cosmic majesty of Lord Shiva as the eternal destroyer & Goddes Durga as the eternal mother!!! Bliss!!

Some lyrics or tunes just get into your head and keep you humming them all day!!! I really like the fusion of the Vedic Chant with the rock element, the guitar riff is rad!!!

Mrithiye vazhiye
Sakhiye nee kandaal
Thiraskritham sadhaayike
Pare aho nin jeevanam
Pralobhitham sadhaa pratheekshayaal
Aho nin jeevanam
Paapee nee sadhaa
Paathi njan sadhaa...aa....
Ayigiri nandhini nandhitha medini
Vishwa vinodini nandanuthe
Girivara vindhya shir-aho-dhini vaasini
Vishnuvilaasini jishnunuthe
Bhagavathi he shidhikanda kudumbini

Bhoorikudumbini bhoorikrithe
Jaya jaya he mahishasura mardhini
Ramyakapardhini shailasuthe
Nin karma vaazhvinaal
Thaangidaanethum vayyaa...

Ayi sumanah sumanah sumanah sumanah sumano hara kaanthi yuthe 
Shritha rajanee rajanee rajanee rajanee rajanee kara vakra vruthe 
Sunayana vibhramara bhramara bhramara bhramara bhrama raadhi pathe
Jaya jaya he mahishaasura mardhini ramyaka pardhini shaila suthe 
Ayi jagadamba madamba kadamba vanapriya vaasini haasa rathe 
Shikhari shiromani tunga himaalaya shringani jaalaya madhya gathe 
Madhu madhure madhu kaitabha ganjini kaitabha bhanjini raasa rathe 
Jaya jaya he mahishaasura mardhini ramyaka pardhini shaila suthe

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Appa!!!

Great fathers are the ones who guide their children, but still let them make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes. You gave me that guidance and made me what I am today by letting me make those mistakes and learning from them.

I know I don’t say it often, but I really do appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work you & Mom put into raising me. Your sacrifices and hardwork have laid the foundation on which I have built a successful and happy life today.

Heros hold the inspiration for all, I never needed to look much beyond you for a hero. You don't need a cape or a costume to be a Hero. Thank you for being my real life hero appa.

Every birthday you have means another year you made our lives special! Thank you, appa.

I know whatever happens, I can always count on you. You’ve helped guide me throughout my life with some great advice. I hope you’ll continue to help me navigate the choppy waters of life.

It’s not easy being a father, but you do it with class and style. I wish I could be there to wish you happy birthday in person, but just know that you are in my heart and I’m thinking about you on your special day.

I know I haven't always been the best kid, but that didn't stop you from being the best appa. I tried to think of something beautifully poetic to write for your birthday. But instead I thought I would just give it to you straight. Thank you Appa; for everything you have done for me. You are just the best kind of person. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it.

We can’t choose who our father is, but I really think I am God's favourite child because He chose YOU as my father.

When someone asks me who I look up to most, I always say you. When I was a kid I had to look up to you, because you were so much taller than me. Now that I’m older, I look up to you because you are an amazing man.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. I hope this year brings you all the happiness you deserve.

Happy Birthday Appa! I love You!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

OST - Sherlock Season 1

Title: Sherlock Season 1 OST
Artist: David Arnold & Micheal Price
Listen: YouTube Link 

Tracks: Timelines
  1. Opening Title: 0:00 - 0:40 - The opening track just is amazing, the way the music builds up, you just can't get enough of it. It gives me goosebumps always listening this track. It sticks around in your head and just doesn't let go. The track suits the series.
  2. The Game Is On: 0:40 - 4:20 - Listening to this just makes me remember the mischievous effervescence of Sherlock Holmes beautifully played by Cumberbatch
  3. War: 4:21 - 7:40
  4. Pink: 7:41 - 11:27
  5. Security Cameras: 11:28 - 14:29
  6. Pursuit: 14:30 - 16:19
  7. Which Bottle: 16:20 - 18:31
  8. Targets: 18:32 - 21:00
  9. Library Books: 21:01 - 24:19
  10. Number Systems: 24:20 - 27:20
  11. Light Fingered: 27:21 - 31:03
  12. Elegy: 31:04 -  34:18
  13. Crates of Books: 34:19 - 37:21 
  14. Sandbag: 37:22 - 42:04
  15. On The Move: 42:05 - 44:47
  16. Back To Work: 44:48 - 48:38
  17. Woman on the Slab: 48:39 - 51:30
  18. A Man Who Can: 51:31 - 54:45
  19. Final Act: 54:46 - 57:55

Listen to it, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Coffee Tales

Coffee is the instant stimulant of the corporate world. Every corporate worth it's salt has a coffee vending machine on it's premise, some companies even go the distance offering exotic beans and beverages free on premise.

The humble coffee bean has come a long way. That coffee  with caffeine as a stimulant is very necessary for those moments when you feel that your brain is about to dribble out from between your ears... Mostly coffee has it's associated downfalls like making a person hyper active, leading to sleep apnea and so on...

While I have been a coffee consumers by and large for the better part of my adulthood, the negative effects of coffee and caffine seemed to have given me the bypass. One of my earliest memories of being a coffee drinker was the time when I was studying in college and it was close to my exams.

Me being the hyped up popinjay that I was declared grandly to my mom that today I am planning to pull an all nighter for studying and I will need an thermos full of coffee to assist me in my Noble endeavors.

My mom being the softie that she was, promptly made me a thermos full of piping hot coffee and at 10 PM night I started what was supposed to be a marathon of late night studying well into the wee hours of the new day.

Minutes soon turned to hours and mom being mom turned up to check on me at around 11:30 PM in the night and lo behold what should she find....

Yours truly snoring away sitting in the chair and the empty thermos of coffee having been of no use at all... I think that was the last time my mother trusted me to pull an all nighter...

Love you lots Mom!!!

Still!!! Fond Memories...

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Reset Tamil Nadu

The Past:

Politics in Tamil Nadu has always been star driven. It has always been the fiefdom of silver screen stars who have converted their adoring fans into an effective voting bloc par excellence.

Annadurai started the trend of capturing the mass adulation public has for it's heros on silver screen by bringing in MGR into the political fold. In his meteoric rise to political heights MGR had a equal and able ally in MK Karunanidhi.

Sadly personal ambitions and the yearning for personal glory got the better of both of them and the two political forces parted ways with MGR capturing the power in the state with his newly formed AIADMK.

It was MGR who brought J Jayalalithaa alias Amma into politics. He was her guardian, her mentor and the Chanakya behind her rise to a top political leader.

The Current:

When Jayalalithaa passed away last year, her death left a vacuum in the TN political landscape. She was a formidable leader and like all leaders feared the rise of her successor, so she made sure that there was none who could fit in her shoes.

The stalwart of DMK - Karunanidhi is a spent force as well, his children are fighting for their share of his political capital and sadly TN suffers for this.

Politics in TN has always been a show, it has always wanted it's finest heros to rescue it and thus it was not surprise that the Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan made his announcement of jumping into the vacuum and starting or launching his own political party.

The Future:

The biggest news of 2017 was however the announcement of Thailvar Rajnikant making his announcement of starting his own political party with the intention to contest the assembly elections on all 234 seats.

This was the news that everybody was waiting for and overnight it has galvanized the political landscape in TN and given a new direction to the political discourse in the country.

The Dravidian identity politics no longer works, nor does the politics of appeasement, Rajnikant announcement of spiritual politics is something  that has all the boffins and political pundits scratching their heads.

One thing is for sure, Rajnikant is a powerful figure in TN politics, ignore him at your peril, he has a powerful & ready made infrastructure in place in the form of his fan clubs to whom the clarion call has gone out to transform themselves into and single umbrella organization thus forming the party cadre.

A generation grown up revering the the Thalaivar, any political party with him at the helm will deeply galvanize his supporters and connect with the voters. MGR and NTR successfully paved the way for this to happen in TN & Andra. So did Chiranjeevi to a lesser extent.

Rajni has played a reformer, a leader, a social transformer countless times on silver screen and it is on this connect with the public and masses that he and his party will appeal and capitalize on to get them voting for their party in droves irrespective of the local identity and appeasement politics.

In one fell swoop Rajni has changed the ideological facet of politics in TN, earlier it was always a fight between the Dravidian parties which more or less played appeasements and doles to the voters in the form of electoral sops to vote for them. Now by throwing the Spiritual word in relation to the politics, Rajni has tried to change the way by challenging the atheist culture of the Dravidian parties head long. Only time will tell how this story spins off.

The Thalaiver has arrived, Long live the Thalaiver!!!